Creating a BLOG

1. Go to and click on create an account.

2. Create an account:
a. Choose a user name.
b. Choose a password. This will be the password that you will use every time you log in.
c. Retype your password in the space provided.
d. Choose a display name. This will be the name that everyone sees on your blog.
e. Type in your e-mail address. Remember which email address you picked as this is what you will use to log in.
f. Check the “I accept” box and click the orange continue arrow.

3. Activate your account.
a. Check your email that you entered as your email address. There should be an email from Click on the URL in the email. This will activate your account.

4. Name your blog:
a. Create a title for your blog, for example, “Middle Level Education Team1".
b. Enter a name that you can type in as an address (for example, “MLETeam 1”) in this
box. Using the name you picked, anyone could access your blog by typing in
c. Next type in the letters that you see displayed (this is a security device to keep machines from setting up numerous blog accounts that could be used for spam).
d. Click the orange continue arrow.

5. Choose a template:
a. Choose a layout that you want for your background and text in your BLOG.
b. Click on the small button in your template and click the orange continue arrow.

5. You have created a blog! Try it out.
a. Click the orange start-posting arrow.
b. Create a post by copying and pasting one of your Abstract and Reflection into the post area, then click on the orange Publish Post button.
c. Did it work? Celebrate!

Note: Remember to write down your username (email address), password and the URL for your blog.